Thursday, December 15, 2011

City Living Rant - Home Sweet Home

hello square one, it has been a while

i'm single and plan to stay that way for at least the next year and as part of my Reboot 3.0 the first major thing on my check list was to procure a new place to call home

now, i don't know about the rest of the world but the real estate market in DC is no joke. rents are high!
# BedroomsNovOctSep3 Month % change
1 Bed$1,927$1,953$1,974-2.4%
2 Bed$2,858$2,755$2,7235%
3 Bed$2,774$2,808$3,085-10.1%

and buying property prices even higher, and for a young professional at myself that still makes a decent living i find myself easily priced out of the parts of DC i'd want to live in

add to this that i'm now vehicle-less, i need to find a place that meets some basic yet hard to match criteria, which are as follows:

  1. Affordable - A studio apartments in DC in the decent parts of town start at $1500 a month. if you want to go up to a 1BR, expect that cost to increased anywhere from $500-$1000 or more depending on the location, buildings amenities, and if you need parking (which gladly i no longer need). I'm going after a studio.
  2. Location - I'd like to stay in Northwest DC, primarily in the Dupont, Logan, Adams Morgan, and even Columbia Heights/U Street areas. All very popular areas leading to both higher prices and great demand for available units. But, living in these areas would allow me to not buy another car and get back into 'city living mode' where I walk everywhere and cab when needed, thus living a healthier lifestyle AND save money
  3. Washer/Dryer - I can't tell what a difference this makes, having a W/D in your unit. I'd prefer this but if I had to use shared units in say a laundry room, it's a small price to pay if the unit, building, rent, and location all work.
outside of those critical factors, I'm good.

a major plus up i have is that the friend whose currently sheltering me through the winter until this spring allows me some much needed schedule flexibility so that i'm not forced into taking anything that's open/available that doesn't meet my needs

but since he's been kind to me for this need twice now, i don't want to crowd his bachelor lifestyle anymore then i already have

so, as the Fates would have it i was walking to my dry cleaners the other day when i happened to see apartment available fliers for a building a block and a half up from Tom's

i figure, what the hell, take one, and see studios starting at $1350

i say to self 

"self, you can afford that"

and i say back to self

"why yes, yes i can. lets call them!"

so i do and i go see the place and the price goes from $1350 to $1500 (because they have to get you in the door) and i ask to view the space

and it's perfect

it's all utilities included. about 400ish square feet, hardwood floors that look relatively new and in good condition, a small but decent galley style kitchen with everything i need (small frig, sink, a two burner cook top [which for me, an avid cook, is the only major negative] and even a dishwasher), large open closet which leads into a small but decent bathroom and while doesn't have a W/D in unit there are laundry facilities onsite

if we go back up to my three critical criteria i've hit all three: it's affordable, in the most ideal of ideal locations (Dupont), and has laundry onsite

so i asked for an application, got a money order (i don't know the last time i wrote an actual check) and applied for it 

and found out today i got it!!

well, pre-approved pending a criminal background check, which i'm totally not worried about since i'm a good boy when it comes to the law 

so, WOO HOO! i pretty much got my very one all my very own apartment

i'm 29 about to turn 30 and for the first time in my life i'll be living alone

a HUGE part of me is scared shitless but an even HUGER part of me is super excited

finally i'll be able to have my own space, set my own schedule, do what i want, when i want, how i want 

i'll be able to really buckle down and focus on work and school and continuing to build my career and ME!

then this possible U.S. Federal Government shutdown shit happens (i am not high enough on the Federal Employee food chain to be exempted so i will be furloughed along with thousands of other Federal Employees should the shutdown really happen) and i'm like


everyone, and i mean every last fucking member of Congress (the House and the Senate) if this actually happens should automatically loose their fucking jobs and never be allowed to hold public office ever again


this is your fucking job, to run this country and you can't even do that and yet if the government shuts down you're the only assholes who still receive a paycheck?

i do NOT need this right now!

i want this damn apartment but should i take it not knowing if i'll be working on Monday?

Tom would understand if FedGov did shut down i'm sure but all the same that apartment at that price in that location will not be there tomorrow

Carpe diem god damn it!

ugh, so we'll see what happens. hopefully the shutdown will be avoided at the last minute and all will be well. if not, it's not the end of the world. i'll have to give up the apartment but hopefully something even better will open up later and i'll jump all over it and will get it!

glass half full bitches!


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